34.1 Winter/Spring 2022

2021 Gulf Coast Prizes


  • Your Tomorrow Clothes by Kiran Kaur Saini
  • Harbor by Kimberly Y. Liu
  • Before the Wedding by Rowan Beaird
  • Rogue Taxidermy by Thomas Renjilian
  • Wild Child by Whitney Collins


  • My Body is Wrong by Olivia Muenz
  • Make it Bad. Make it Often. by Stephanie Sauer
  • Imitation Games by Franny Choi


  • ??? Is the Sound of Thunder by Shangyang Fang
  • Where a Black Woman Belongs by Starr Davis
  • If Lord you say    be still and know by Cate Lycurgus
  • 3 Poems by Kwame Dawes
Photo Shoot
Death Watch
  • Poem to my Uterus by Rage Hezekiah
  • what language do you love in by Gisselle Yepes
  • 2 Poems by Taylor Byas
A Diagram With Hands
  • Night Vision by Sara Elkamel
  • 2 Poems by Sandra Lim
Small Writing Desk
The Givens
  • 4 Poems by Sherwin Bitsui

Where Language Leaks Through
  • Above (View from Birdly) by Mia Kang
  • Dakota 1969 by Daniel Lusk
  • A Garden by Hannah Hirsh
  • Understudy by Wendy Chen
  • Gospel acrostic where fear is the only constant by Josh Myers
  • I ask Google to tell me something encouraging by Jane Zwart
  • I have too many tabs open on my laptop & the world is ending by Allison Titus
  • MÁ : Scold by Mariana Lin
  • 2 Poems by Kathryn Cowles
Copy 7. Eleanor Eleanor (1977-) Metal, four motors, robotic appendages, wires, latex, wax, paint, human hair 2014
Billboard. Eleanor Eleanor (1977-) Billboard, color copy, actual sky 2011
  • Ricordi of Chance Operations by Kathleen Winter
  • 2 Poems by Cynthia Cruz
Its Origins
  • Charm School by Luciana Arbus-Scandiffio
  • Weather Submarine Peach Structure by Hannah V. Warren
  • Great Bottomless Well by Haolun Xu
  • Poppies by Abby Minor
  • 2 Poems by Priscilla Wathington
clay birds
let this be the place
  • 2 Poems by Diana Cao
  • 3 Poems by Elisa Gabbert
Wild Animals (Normal Distance)
The Idea of a Meadow


  • from All Beginnings by Silvia Guerra (Translated from the Spanish by Jesse Lee Kercheval and Jeannine Marie Pitas)
  • from Now, or When the Door Was Locked on the Inside by Chen Po-yu (Translated from the Taiwanese Mandarin by Nicholas Wong)
  • I Would Lunge into the Cottage by Tomaž Šalamun (Translated from the Slovenian by Matthew Moore)
  • from Now Way in the Skin without this Bloody Embrace by Jean D'Amérique (Translated from the French by Conor Bracken)
  • from There Was No Adderall in the Soviet Union by Olga Breininger (Translated from the Russian by Hilah Kohen)

Creative & Critical Art Writing

  • The Ecopolitics of Yayoi Kusama's Self Obliteration by Lori DeGolyer
  • Everything Worthwhile is Done with Other People: Unpacking 2020 and the 2021 Texas Biennial by Evan Garza

Featured Art

  • Selections from the 2021 Texas Biennial: A New Landscape, A Possible Horizon


  • A Poetics of Spacetime: Rosebud Ben-Oni's Latinx Futurity by Paige Quiñones
  • Build That World: Helen Macdonald's Vesper Flights and Rachel Kushner's The Hard Crowd: Essays 2000-2020 by Jonathan Russell Clark
  • Dispatches from an Uprising: There's a Revolution Outside, My Love by Jenzo DuQue
  • Strange to Me: Why W.D. Snodgrass's Heart's Needle (1959) Deserves Attention Now by Jeff Alessandrelli
  • History, Nonetheless: 400 Souls, How the Word is Passed, and A Little Devil in America by Sean Alan Cleary