36.1 Winter/Spring 2023

The 2023 Gulf Coast Prize in Poetry

  •  Ecstasy by Cole Depuy 

The 2023 Gulf Coast Prize in Fiction

  • Poetry As Occasion For Poetry by  Oso Guardiola

The 2023 Gulf Coast Prize in Nonfiction

  •  Overexposure by Janine Blue 


  • "Bachelorette Weekend" by Maggie Lange 
  • "Secondhand Furniture" by Monique Debruxelles Translated from the French Laura Nagle 
  • "Excerpt from Trump Card" by Petra H?lová Translated from the Czech by Alex Zucker
  • "Love Rose" by Hasan Dudar 
  • "We Were Not Rich, But We Were Not Poor" by Young Rader 
  • "Questions of Travel" by Urvi Kumbhat 
  • "Golf Looking for a Pilot" by Naomi Shuyama-Gómez
  • "Doors" by Kim Samek 
  • "Your Bhring-Filled Gun is Pointed at Me" by Apyang Imiq Translated by Mandarin by Brenda Lin 


  • A Flapping of Wings" by John Paul Scotto  
  • "The Ran Essay" by Ellene Glenn Moore 
  • "Point of Origin" by Lily Lloyd Burkhalter 


  • Honestly, Who Cares?" by Sarah Lullo
  • "The Tostada" Austin Araujo 
  • "Loving an Octopus in Middle Age" and "Octopuses Are Silent" by Benjamin S. Grossberg
  • "Dear Life" and "Why I Am a Poet" by Melissa Crowe 
  • "Pairing" by Ashley Sojin Kim
  • "Bridges" by Kathryn McKenzie
  • "Xibalbá :: Baby Teeth" and "Xibalbá" by Felicia Zamora
  • "Florissant" and "Fever" by JC Andrews 
  • "Telephone Lines" by Philipe AbiYouness
  • "If She Could" and "Parrots" by Gil Cuadros 
  • "An Easy Yes" by Alafia Nicole Sessions 
  • "M? Tôi and Other Songs They’ll Never Sing for Me" by Teresa Pham-Carsillo 
  • "Sympathy Card" by Jared K Hayley  
  • "after the long drive home from their aunt’s funeral" by Javan DeHaven
  • "The Fjallkona’s Address" and "When Day Never Breaks" by Brynja Hjálmsdóttir Translated from the Icelandic by Rachel Britton
  • "It’s Important I Remember" by Cortney Lamar Charleston 
  • "Obligatory Account" by Avery Meinen
  • "Blueprint for Blk Girl Survival" by Ashunda Norris 
  • "Where Did You Come From?" by Marcus Wicker
  • "On Repetition", "Dark Hallelujah", "Got ’Til It’s Gone", "Direct Objects", "Flower Embroidery / Womxn’s Work" by Omotara James 
  • "Fable" by Mickie Kennedy
  • "Hashkiveinu with Ritual Immersion" by Leah Falk
  • "Star of Wonder, Star of Night" by T. R. Poulson 
  • "Meeting in Space (Robert’s Wet Dream)" and "Notes from Robert’s Journal" by S. Yarberry
  • "Now You Have Grown Grimm" by Camille Carter 
  • "The King James Bible is a Mirror" by Brian Czyzyk 
  • "Klectic: On our Honeymoon After Pulse" by Arnaldo Batista 
  • "Palestinian Love Poem", "Palestinian Love Poem", "Filth Deposition" by Fargo Nissim Tbakhi 
  • "To Compare IV" by Xuela Zhang
  • "After the Robbery" and "Poem in Which I Use Every Punctuation" by Nancy Huang
  • "What Luck" by Matthew Nienow  
  • "Yarn" and "Royalty" by  Arthur Rimbaud Translated from French by Ryan Smith
  • "RATS LAUGH" by Jo O'Lone Hahn
  • "Inheritance" by Chim Sher Ting 
  • "Deluge: A Chinese Almanac" by Nicole W. Lee 
  • "Hammer’n Heaven" by Diane Louie
  • "Nighthawks Diner (Spleen)", "Crosswise rain", "The Stolen Pig Inn (Childhood)", "Another song about the whale" by Manuel Becerra Translated from Spanish by Kristin Dykstra
  • "Cahokia" by Jesse Lee Kercheval
  • "[Prayer ... (A Trans(re)lation]" by Rose Zinnia 
  • "Street Howl for the Exiled" by Javier Sandoval 

Featured Art

  • Houston's Civic Art by Various Artists 

Reviews and Interviews

  • "Encounters with the Otherwordly: A Review of Ten Planets" by Biz Rasich
  • "Dismantling the Carceral System: A Review of Redaction" by Erik Gleibermann
  • "Time Oddity: A Review of Zeroes Were Hollow" by Jared Joseph
  • "Diasporic Stories: An Interview with Ruth Madievsky" by Greg Mania