30.2 - Summer/Fall 2018

2017 Barthelme Prize

2017 Gulf Coast Prize in Translation



  • dear poem by Lara Ruter, transl. by Maximiliane Donicht
  • Tensile by Rebecca Dunham
  • from How to Dress a Fish by Abigail Chabitnoy 
  • Maaru Tang for “The Mycelium” by Anja Snellman, transl. Maija Makinen
  • Prognosis at Midnight by Yuki Tanaka
  • The Noise of Time is Not Sad by Chad Bennett 
  • Ways of Emerging by Marieke Lucas Rijneveld, transl. Sarah Timmer Harvey
  • Epistle from the Hospital for Text Messaging by Jenny Molberg
  • Subvocal (Hadley) by Mark Neely
  • Group Sex by Rebecca Hazelton 
  • The Most Faded Word by Nadia Anjuman, transl. Diana Arterian and Marina Omar 
  • God-shaped Woman by Adeeba Talukder 
  • If We Had a Lemon We’d Throw It and Call That the Sun by Christopher Citro 
  • There’s No Wrong Way to Eat a Reese’s by Jeremy Radin 
  • [To say I love you put a bird on a wire] by Mike Soto 
  • Dark Helicopter by Jennifer Metsker 
  • Single Mother by Marina Yuszczuk, transl. by Alexis Almeida 
  • Shane Seely by Shane Seely 
  • Holy Thank You For Not by Megan Falley
  • In Hoffellsdalur by Gyrðir Elíasson 
  • This Year I Turned 38 by BJ Love



Reviews and Interviews

  • Conversant: An Interview with taisha paggett by Kemi Adeyemi interviewing taisha paggett
  • Four Titles from New Directions by Christian Bancroft
  • “Not a fine light flickering”: Dara Wier’s In the Still of the Night by Dara Wier
  • Shock Value: Kathy Acker's larger-than-life personal condensed to human proportions by Wendy Vogel
  • Touched in Some Way by Flight: Five Books of Contemporary Poetry by Conor Bracken