Cut of the Blade

James Grabill

The moon’s unfinished arc that floats like a Moroccan blade over the cornfield won’t show much of what may be going on in slowly evolving centers of conscious mind. 


The equator, all the while, races with unthinkable ancestry, as the mostly unseen poles hold onto wheeling space. 


Streetlights continue drowning out stars in their electrical magnetic flow and flux over ongoing stretches. They continue to throw salmon shadows darkening the spectrum as it prisms into conditions, leaving a ruin of bleached coral in regret. 


It turns out the ocean of uncountable tankers can ruin the pulse of a violet eyelash, in a flash of legal maneuvering. 


In 2007, the worth of a human being was set by actuarial councils at $6.9 million by experts with much experience in the area. 


Mammoth consequences fly in a phalanx of brown pelicans. A Hawaiian rain mists into silent yards of diffuse conscious mind still under construction. Lit by questioning, ancient South American calendars keep wheeling through mathematical groves where ancient hungers were guided by the remarkable bees.

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