Brandon Shimoda

with Agnes Pelton’s Prelude, 1943

The repercussions of war   the multiplying of god’s face
in a strobe-like assault of diffidence and death
is in the lower right-hand corner 
of the primarily yellow painting

of war
In the cave   

in the lower right-hand corner
jumble of cave

like sticks   like camouflage traps

or where the elders go to meditate   self-immolate   
fall forward 
into the universe of their bowls

The cave 
is where the war is 

red   blood red
bloody cheeks
bodies exposed,
movies projected on skin turned 

the rest of the painting is yellow
Gears turning in the sky   yellow gears 
the color of geese 
or men choking  

children’s eyes   
who watch them choking


how many flowers die on tables
on a roof   held up with mold

the bionic vase
in which all pets of memory are born, 

the pasteurization of war 
in a cave   

a glare
the dystrophic loneliness of a desert 

or wandering the desert
or the desert wandering   

egg is 

as the trunk of a tree

I lost too once   
stared into the spectacle of deceptive coloration
while war was snapping in
the lower right-hand corner